The Planning Process


  • At our initial meeting, we will not talk to you about products. Instead the focus will be you. Your concerns. Your values. Your future.
    • What matters most to you and your family?
    • How do you really want to spend your time – now and in the future?
    • What do you actually want to achieve in your lifetime?

Without this, it is impossible to build a plan for YOU and to start plotting your course.


  • Once we have an understanding of you and your family, we can navigate a course towards achieving your goals and aspirations.
  • We will need to identify your current financial position, including your assets and liabilities, income and cost of living (expenditure).
  • We will also take into account any risks with regards to your plan, along with your current tax situation.
  • This will then inform us about how we will provide you with a cohesive individual wealth plan.


  • Once you are happy with your course, we will organise and manage your wealth.
  • We will provide you with the support and confidence in order for you to set sail knowing the way ahead, leaving you to live your life.


  • Financial Planning is not a one-off exercise. Try thinking about it as sailing across the Atlantic:
  • If you only plot your course once, you could end up miles away from your intended destination.
  • However, if you continue to plot your course as you cross, allowing for variances in conditions, you will arrive as intended.

At times the going may get rough. We will be there to reassure. Maintaining your course or making any necessary adjustments

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What our clients say...

We retired over 12 years ago after 20 years of running a busy consultancy the profits of which were steadily and successfully invested through Mark and his father before him.

Around the time of our retirement, Mark’s advice enabled us to...

Mr & Mrs Ch, Berkshire (February 2024)

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